Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pure Survival Server Updated to 1.2.3! ENJOY!

The old server was getting pretty beat up and I believe most of the regulars have agreed to let go of their beloved hidden homes in order to get a fresh start in 1.2.3! The server was updated a few days ago and seems to be stable as ever. I hope you guys really like the new height limit as along with other bug fixes (like buckets working). The pure survival has not changed, and if you and friends are looking for a relatively quiet server to come and chill on then come join us any time! Thanks guys! Happy minecrafting :) -Mike129log

Monday, February 27, 2012

Do you ever get that feeling?

Have you ever walked into an abandoned house?  Do you ever get that eerie feeling that someone once lived here, but was killed, robbed and left?  To the most observant player, one can count around 10-20 abandoned settlements around the spawn.  People come and go on this server all the time, the biggest killer- the spawn point.

I can't stress this enough, this is a minecraft survival server with no boundaries.  Try traversing across the open ocean, to a land where nobody can find you.  Don't teleport a random stranger an kill them, because they are just as dangerous as you.  They can keep their teleport and also remember your coordinates.

I do have a friend who traveled 14 Kilometers and resides on a distant island where nobody has found him. Kudos to you if you can travel that far and survive out there.  This server is the equivalent of a hardcore server, but without the ban.  For all those people who think they are the best survivors but are not fond of the ban, this is your server.

Eat, sleep, Minecraft -Theghost122