Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simple hatchery tutorial!

Hello everyone, Theghost122 here.  This is a simple tutorial on how to make a basic hatchery in minecraft.  For all those players who REALLY like to play minecraft without spawning resources.  Here is what you will need.
* enough eggs to spawn at least one chicken (about 10-16)
* 4 buckets of water
* a surplus of building supplies (wood, stone, dirt)
* a sign
* a dispenser, redstone dust, and a redstone repeater (Not necessary for construction)

Step 1 : Build a square area and fill each corner with water.  Make sure the water flows to the center of the square, otherwise, the chickens would escape.  Put a dispenser in if desired.  It is possible to throw  eggs in from the roof if a dispenser is not at your disposal.

Step 2 : Build up some walls so that chickens cannot escape through the edge.  I built mine out of glass so that you can see the chickens inside :)

Step 3 (If you don't have a dispenser, skip to step 4) : Place the redstone circuit like this.  This is a clock circuit that will set off the dispenser repeatedly.  There are some other rapid fire circuits out there, but this one is a simple design.  I will probably use the rapid fire design in my next tutorial.

Step 4 : Dig underneath the hatchery and punch a whole in the center of the square.  This will be where the eggs collect.  Clearly there will be some annoying water flow, so place the sign like shown below.  A sign is a non-solid block that will stop water from flowing, but allow objects (such as eggs) to pass through.

Step 5 : Get some chickens in there and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Stay tuned to see an advanced hatchery. The next tutorial comes with an automatic chicken roaster, is more compact and requires less building material!

*Keep in mind that this is a prototype design.  The first hatchery I have ever built was the advanced type.  This one may have flaws.*


  1. coool chikens in da pool lol

  2. Pools closed due to chickens.

    Someone had to say it.

  3. Thats a clever idea! Pool chickens!

  4. This is a very elegant solution for how to farm eggs. This will make my cake making much faster.

  5. I saw my friend make this, but he never showed me how. thanks!